Thursday, 10 February 2011

2011 race / life schedule

So it's already February but never to late to post my schedule and goals for 2011. It's certainly not going to be a major year of racing for me but it will be a major year in my life as our second baby (Jasper) is born. However through a carefully thought through training plan I still plan to be fitter going into each event then I have been in the past. As ever it's quality over quantity which I know will get results.

13 Jan - Winter Tanners 30. Completed.
27 Feb - Chiltern Kanter 26
13 Mar - Milton Keynes 60. On the ElliptiGO
20 Mar - SIS Lightning 12hr (defending my crown!)
8 Apr - Baby Jasper due!
5 Jun - Chiltern Hundred. On the ElliptiGO
27 Aug - Ridgeway Challenge 87
29 Oct - Snowdonia Marathon

Perhaps a modest line-up but with family life to juggle this little lot will keep me more than busy! So my goals for the year are:
- to successfully integrate my ElliptiGO riding I to my training (something that so far is working well)
- run less but work harder
- get the family balance right (something I am yet to do successfully)
- become the first European to finish a 100m event on an ElliptiGO, and thus make it into the ElliptiGO Century Club (and set a fast time to boot!)
- Set a pb on the Ridgeway Challenge (last year was 19:38 I think)
- 10km pb (target sub 36mins)
- Set a marathon pb at Snowdonia! Faster than pancake flat London. DEFINITELY my toughest goal of the year but something I am prepared to work hard for to achieve. Having done my research on this marathon and speaking to past runners at the club the course profile adds around 20 minutes onto a 'normal' marathon time so I need to prepare myself and train as if to go sub 3:10, to achieve sub 3:30 at Snowdonia!

Quite a year and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it :-)

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