Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sunday long run report

A week after the half I was back to what I know best... going long. Different individuals from LBAC lead a Sunday run and this particular run started in Milton Keynes and was going to be a gentle 10 Miles through the many parks and greenways of MK. So to add a little distance I decided to run to MK along the old favourite grand union canal which made the total distance 24.5 miles. 

It was a good test because I haven't gone further than a half since the end of August. What didn't help though is that I made a very poor choice of footwear. The canal path is almost entirely on hard surface as was the MK 10 miler yet I threw on my innov8s with their ultra studded sole designed for proper off road running which this definitely wasn't! So this didn't exactly make for a comfortable ride. What a silly mistake which slightly took away the enjoyment of the run. It was still a good run don't get me wrong and I was pleased to get in the miles but I won't be making that mistake again in a hurry. 

One last point to note is that despite MK having a reputation as a bit of a concrete jungle designed exclusively for the car it actually offers the runner a huge connected playground of parks, lakes and greenways which offer endless running opportunities. This includes Willen Lake which is also the location for a weekly timed 5km Park Run held every Saturday.  Register at parkrun.org. 

So what's next for me? 

Well it seems that I may run the Bedford half marathon in December. I haven't decided for sure but it's a club championship race so attracts many of my fellow runners all seeking to run a PB so I may tag along and see what happens. 

Excitingly my company are also organising a sponsored walk/run around a mile circuit on our company site. The idea being to walk or run as many laps as possible within a certain time limit. Perhaps 5 hours. This sounds right up my street so would definitely participate in what should be a fun day out with colleagues. 

Then there's the Winter Tanners ultra run on 9th January which I have registered for. This is a 30 miler open to walkers and runners organised by the Surrey Long Distance Walkers Association. There's also a 20 mile option. But the best thing of all - the entry fee is a mere £2.50!!! What a bargain which helps with the fact that my wife and I have baby number 2 due in April so £40+ entry fees are not so appealing!    

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  1. Congrats on the baby news Stu! I always have my three kids at most races as my own personal support crew.

    Still thinking about Tanners....