Saturday, 26 June 2010

Hungarian training week

A quick post to update on the week of training in Hungary. My expectations weren't high as there aren't normally many good places to run in Györ tending just to stick to pavements and an out and back on a main road. However with a new running track surface which goes around a nearby lake it was perfect.

I got four good runs in in total. These included Sundays warm up 5 miler, Mondays 10km PB of 39:27 (see previous post), and on Wednesday I ran a marathon around the 1/3 mile circuit totalling 78 laps and finishing in 3h45m. It was a really good run for all sorts of reasons. I wanted to test my mental ability in coping with the multiple lap format in preparation for the impending 24hr Thunder Run. I actually enjoyed it far more than perhaps I thought I would. There weren't any lows to talk of and I felt good both physically  and mentally for the duration of the run even managing to put in a 7.30 and 6:45 for the last two miles. So more miles in the bank, and if you count back from the previous Thursday I racked up over 80 miles in total over a 7 day period which is far higher than any previous training week. My recovery from this run and the previous week has been good too which is pleasing.

The final run of the week after a day off was on Friday where I wanted to give the barefoot running another go. I managed 2 miles on the same circuit and felt good in the main. However I speeded up at the very end to about a 7m/m pace see how this felt on the feet and tore the skin on my little toe. This was probably due to the abrasive qualities of the running surface (a bit like sandpaper at that speed), more so than because I was barefoot. However after two barefoot runs  now  I'm not convinced that the benefits (if there are any) really outweigh the greater risk to mashing up my feet. So for now the shoes are staying firmly on both feet in the lead up to the Thunder Run as can't afford to take any more risks.

So back home to blighty today before another week of training begins and more of the same.

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