Thursday, 17 December 2009

bedford half marathon race report

a bit late coming but i ran the bedford half on Sunday. I didnt have an official place :-O but ran anyway. The reasoning for this was simple... I wasnt actively racing instead i took this opportunity to run with my dad and pace him. This worked out really well! it was great to run alongside my dad who only took up running when he was 50 and has run 6 marathons since! We started at a steady 9 minute mile but upped the pace quickly to a 8:45 and held this pace well for most of the race. But the best was still to come as we upped the pace further and my dad showed great determination to go faster in the final 3 miles. I also now know where i get my sprint finish from as dad blasted over the final 100m and across the finish line! A very solid run. Dad finished 45 secs faster than last year in 1h54m8secs. Nice one dad. A great training run for me too :-)


  1. Well done to your dad! So did your running start him on it or the other way around? My dad once did the 5k fun run unnoficially at one of my early 10k races, did ok considering not trained, but hasn't repeated. I think he prefers 5-a-side. Either way, its good to have an active dad.

    Noticed on your blog intro that your inspired by Dean Karnazas. I think I'm getting that bookm for Christmas, take it it's pretty good?

  2. it was actually my dad that started before me! should also say that he was my inspiration in a way... esp for entering london in 06.

    yeah DK book awesome - his first one "ultra marathon man"! 2nd book (50Marasin50days) si ok.