Monday, 13 July 2009

Getting closer....

So less than a week to the Kent 50 mile Challenge :-O

A nice 6.5 miler this lunchtime has done wonders for my mind set ahead of the big one on Sunday. My toe which was playing up a little, now seems fine now so fingers crossed thats all behind me. Feeling fit but realise that Sunday will be 20 miles further than I've run before so I need to prepare mentally for this now.

I was watching that James Cracknall/Ben Fogle prog on BBC2 yesterday (south pole race) and Cracknall said something on his approach to endurance events which has really stuck in my mind for Sunday's race. Basically... expect the absolute worst and so when/if it does happen and you feel dreadful half way through a race then you will be ready to deal with it. I was perhaps being a little naive as to what I could expect on I might feel... and what I will need to finish this thing... so now I'm mentally preparing myself for the race and the pain fest that it could become. Whatever happens though I'm going to enjoy every second :-)

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